Our Story

Ellie Wu

Born in Taipei by loving parents, and with an ambition of success abroad she moved to shanghai to study Medicine. Today, Ellie is a successful and caring doctor that pays more attention to others than anything else.


Aurelien Schlumberger

Born in New York City by loving parents, he lived in many countries and discovered bits of the world. But he always loved Asian culture and lifestyle. After graduating from the University, he decided to start his professional life in Shanghai, China, where he met Ellie...

How they met

Ellie always wanted to go to Paris, her dream city. She went to Paris in 2000, where she crossed roads with Aurelien but never had the chance to meet. Aurelien lived in Japan for 3 years but was yet too young to meet Ellie. Then on 25th March 2008, Ellie and Aurelien met. After 5 years of happiness, they have decided to share their love with you at the wedding on 13th July 2013!


Message board

Find all the latest news and messages posted by our guests. You may use the message board as a place where you may share your questions or find assistance from others guests. Maybe someone can help you with transportation or accommodations.

Getting Around

We have created an entire guide for your week end in Normandie. Our getting around guide provides an extensive list of hotels, activities, directions and practical information. You can use the message board if you need further information.


We provide you all the tools to share images of this great celebration. We have also added our picture collection and videos. Lets enjoy the precious memories together!